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Компания ChipGuest Technology Co., Ltd.


Image Part Number Manufacturer Description Package Stock Price Notes Request For Quotation
1P1G14MDBVREP Texas Instruments IC INVERTER 1CH 1-INP SOT23-5 Tape & Reel (TR) 4121 Active Inquiry
1P1G08MDBVREP Texas Instruments IC GATE AND 1CH 2-INP SOT23-5 Tape & Reel (TR) 4120 Active Inquiry
NC7SP08L6X Rochester Electronics| LLC TINYLOGIC ULP 2-INPUT AND GATE Bulk 1241 Active Inquiry
74VHC14MTCX Rochester Electronics| LLC INVERTER, AHC/VHC SERIES, 6-FUNC Bulk 4131 Active Inquiry
74VHC08MX Rochester Electronics| LLC AND GATE, AHC/VHC SERIES, 4-FUNC Bulk 4125 Active Inquiry
74LVC2GU04GM,115 Rochester Electronics| LLC NEXPERIA 74LVC2GU04GM - INVERTER Bulk 4120 Active Inquiry
NC7SZ08P5 Rochester Electronics| LLC AND GATE, LVC/LCX/Z SERIES, 1-FU Bulk 4125 Active Inquiry
74HC1G00GW,125 Rochester Electronics| LLC NEXPERIA 74HC1G00GW - NAND GATE 0.0 2356 active Inquiry
NC7SZ08L6X Rochester Electronics| LLC AND GATE, LVC/LCX/Z SERIES, 1-FU Bulk 1401 Active Inquiry
FAN3122TMX-F085 Rochester Electronics| LLC FAN3122T - BUFFER/INVERTER BASED Bulk 2512 Active Inquiry
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